About Headlock on Hunger

Headlock on Hunger, is an outreach of Eblen Charities a nonprofit organization based in Asheville North Carolina, that brings together the wrestling community as well as public, private, and sports organizations to help provide food for children who are dealing with hunger at home.

With childhood hunger statistics reporting that one out of five children do not have enough food at home, many times the only meals they receive at school is the only food they will have to eat and when the holidays or other times away from school arrive, far too many face the chance of going hungry until they are back in class.

Headlock on Hunger is meeting this challenge by enlisting and partnering with wrestling teams from middle school through college, coaches, clubs, fans, sponsors, and everyone who is interested in making sure no child goes hungry.

By collecting food and cash donations during the wrestling season at meets, tournaments, as well as social media and other campaigns throughout the year, will help ensure that those children facing hunger will have the enough to eat.

When you are hungry, nothing else matters

– Bill Murdock, Eblen Charities